The Best Thai Food You Can Learn to Make
On Vancouver Island!

Learn how to make wonderful Thai dishes like Phad Thai Noodles at  Kallayanee’s Kitchen on McTavish Road in North Saanich.

New Winter Schedule Online

We’re pulling out ALL the stops in January and February 2022 to chase all those dull Winter Blues far, far away. We have cherry-picked all of our most popular classes, from the best of our bunch of 21 very special Thai classes. We are also offering our Premium classes to public students for the very first time. And, finally, we hope to host two Midwinter Mixer Madness cooking classes to Seniors North of 60 in February. Just click the picture on the right to view our full Winter Class Syllabus of Dates and Menus.

We are open for business again!

This summer, after more than 18 months of lockdown for Kallayanee’s Kitchen, we finally hosted several private classes! We were thrilled and very enthusiastic about opening up our home again after such a long absence. But we took very serious precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

  1. Kallayanee and her husband, Ry, did not open the cooking school until they had themselves received two jabs. We only accepted students who had received two vaccination jabs 

Covid Safety Precautions

We believe in safety-first for our customers and ourselves. For that reason, we will require proof of two vaccination jabs for all of our classes — at least so long as the Corona virus remains a viable threat. Also, because of the current Omicron threat, we require face masks and social distancing besides vaccine requirements. However, everyone can remove their face masks while dining.

This policy was overwhelmingly approved by just about everyone who asked to book a class. In two cases, students who were immune compromised asked us to assure them that everyone in the class had been fully immunized. And we did. We also limited the sizes of our classes to a maximum of 10 students.

We shall review our vaccine and health policy going forward and change our policies as conditions change. 

Classes and Pricing

For our public classes, we charge $68.25 per person, including GST.

For our private classes, we require a minimum charge of $390.00, plus GST, for each class,. That is $65 per person for a six-person class. If you wish to host a class with fewer than six people, our price per person goes up. 

To Book Your Class

We are not yet set up for online bookings, so you’ll need to book a class either by phone 250-656-1227, or send us an email message. You can download our full class syllabus by clicking here. It includes all of our class dates and the menus we will offer on those dates.


Learn from a Thai Cooking Master on Vancouver Island

Kallayanee in her North Saanich kitchen, ready for action!

Anyone can learn how to make delicious Thai food!

We host cooking classes in North Saanich, only minutes from Victoria. Join Kallayanee, a native of Thailand, as she guides you through a choice of 21 lessons featuring some of Thailand’s most popular dishes at her North Saanich home, near Sidney, and only minutes from Victoria.

You’ll learn the Thai way through hands-on experience and careful, step-by-step instruction. And no class is a prerequisite for any other class, so you can take classes in whatever order you like. Each class lasts about three hours. First you learn how to prepare and cook the food — then you get to eat it with other enthusiastic classmates!

Each cooking class is a feast to be enjoyed by all students

For each class, you’ll learn how to prepare and cook a feast of authentic Thai dishes, including noodles, curry dishes, spring rolls, seafood soups, spicy salads and much, much more. Afterwards, you get to eat and enjoy the delicious food prepared during class. You will also receive printed recipes and a list of ingredients required — both staples and special ingredients — available at many local grocery stores and Victoria’s Chinatown.

No cooking class is a prerequisite for any other

So you can take as many, or as few, classes as you wish! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Vancouver Island Magazine Names Top Cooking Classes

Kallayanee’s Kitchen is at the Top of the List


We’re Proud of our High Rating!

This review came as something of a surprise to us. We had no idea we were being reviewed and rated. But we were certainly pleased to find that SALT loved us so much! You can check out the Salt website and find our review on page 17.

When Seaside Magazine Came to Visit

Deb’s Day Out, with Deborah Rogers

“Eating all the dishes, along with a delicate aromatic jasmine rice with mango for dessert, was both pleasure and pain! It was delightful to sit and share the meal with others…I enjoyed hearing their stories as I tried to squeeze in just a few more mouthfuls. Come to the class with an appetite is my advice. Be prepared to ask questions. Be adventurous as you sample the food. Get out of your rut!”

Deb came to visit us recently for her regular feature column

Our Weekend on the Flavour Trail

Meeting and Greeting Food Fans from Everywhere!

We are proud to have been included in Flavour Trails, a wonderful community event that celebrates food producers and purveyors once every year in North Saanich. Sadly, we were not able to participate in our favourite festival during Summer 2020 or 2021.

But the summer before, dozens of people came to visit us on the Flavour Trail in North Saanich. We even met many of our neighbours who came to call and get to know us a little better. We also met many folks from much farther away — around the country and around the world — who came for a unique experience of this rural island community.

We are definitely looking forward hopefully to meeting more friends, neighbours and visitors when Flavour Trails re-opens for summer 2022!

Out Students Love us Too!

Here’s What Some of Them Had to Say

Natural Thai Curry Made from Scratch Class

Excellent teaching and great food — as usual!

Jim Ludlow

Natural Thai Curry Made from Scratch Class

Thank you for adapting recipes to be vegetarian for me! LOVE the marinated tofu! I really enjoy sharing in the cooking with everyone, then sitting and dining and TALKING with everyone. What interesting conversations and people! I always look forward to these classes.

Amy Fischer

Oriental Beef Salad and Southern Chicken Curry

Such an amazingly fun and tasty evening! I can’t wait to make some of these recipes at home. Thank you again.

Anna Coleshaw-Elcols

Thai Classic Favourites

Fantastic! Not only did we get to eat a delicious meal, but we got “hands-on” experience. So we can do it at home — hopefully. Thank you so much. What a great day.

Judy Reano

Thai Classic Favourites

What a great experience all around! Food was amazing, great hands-on learning. I can’t wait to try the recipes at home. Thank you Kallayanee!!

Katie Fraser

Private Class: Eric Da Silva Birthday Party

We had such a great time! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

Christine Lamb

Youngest Ever Student Comes to Class

Tyson Youell, at eight months old, is the youngest student who has ever attended Kallayanee’s Kitchen. Proud parents Matt and Heather are enthusiastic boosters of their young Foodie.


After 10 classes at Kallayanee's Kitchen students are awarded with a free cap.

Dani Alldrick recently completed five classes at Kallayanee’s Kitchen, qualifying for a hand-made Thai apron. Congratulations, Dani!

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