Hot & Sour

Authentic Thai Curry Cooking Class Two

Tom Yum Kung Hot & Sour Soup

A classic Thai favorite for both Thais and visitors alike. It is rich in flavours, textures and aromas.

Hot& Sour Tom Yum Paste

An essential ingredient for Tom Yum Prawn soup, it adds a spicy lift to the flavour.

Garlic Ribs

A delicious Thai verson of Ribs that will almost certainly convert many from their own favourite ribs.

Green Curry Chicken

If you like your curry hot, this is the best choice for you! A mix of coconut milk, authentic green curry, green beans and Thai basil.

Green Curry Paste

Tends to be more spicy than other Thai curries. Key ingredient is green bird-eye chilli.

Massaman Curry Chicken

This dish hails from Thailand’s south where the weather is hotter and the food tends to follow along. 

Massaman Curry Paste

And this is the paste you will learn how to make to go with the chicken.

Deep Fried Banana and Ice Cream

A traditional Thai favourite, enthusiastically adopted by foreign visitors.

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