Students praise Kallayanee’s Thai Cooking Classes

Just about everybody agrees that Kallayanee’s Kitchen classes are not just about food — they are also great fun!

Derek Johnston and Merron Johnston

Thank you for another wonderful experience! February 13, 2016

Rhona Johnston and Travis Graham

I had the most wonderful culinary experience in your home. The food was truly exquisite and fresh. The flavours were light and bright. You spoiled us for anything else! Thank you. Many recommendations and kindest wishes. February 13, 2016

Lori Sather and Robert Filko

Wonderful experience — the absolute best!

Thanks Kallayanee, February 13, 2016

Cathy Hunder

Dinner was fabulous! What a great evening!

Sharon Johnson

What a great evening this was learning how to prepare some great Thai dishes. Lots of fun. No one went home hungry. Looking forward to next weeks class. This is by far the best Thai food I have ever eaten and what’s so great is that you get to learn how to cook it yourself and impress your friends and family.

Kathryn Alexander

I really enjoyed the cooking class today! It was all well planned and orchestrated and the dishes were delicious. I learned many helpful tips on making a wonderful Thai dinner that I can’t wait to try out!

Richelle Marleau

I highly recommend Kallayanee Glover classes, private or otherwise. She is a wealth of information, a FABULOUS chef and instructor. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people and try something new! The food is mouth watering and I’m happy to report I have somewhat been able to duplicate what I have learned in class 🙂

Liz Cullinane

I agree with Richelle, I have been to Kallayanee’s for private and personal classes as well and every class is fantastic and the best food ever. I always learn so much from Kallayanee and we all have the best time.

The Dhillon’s

We just wanted to thank you so much… for a fantastic meal and a great night out !! We enjoyed ourselves so much… We still can’t get the taste and smell of your cooking…out of our head….We are going away this weekend… armed with your recipes to the Gulf Islands to try out your recipes. Looking forward to learning more and having a great time ! Chin…Anita….Sarin

Chris Dysart

Thank you SO Much for Friday night! I think everyone had a great time and enjoyed the food very much. Lots of people leaving said that was the best party they had been to in a long while. I know I had a blast — it was great to have your wonderful food, and not have to cook it — I could enjoy my guests.

Nancy Waters

I was a blessed with a beautiful cook for my birthday!

Jan Spilde

What fun! Joined my husband who took part in the class. Lots of good food – HOT! – and TASTY! Thank you.

Barbara Reid

Another fab class! Love the green beans and soup recipes. Looking forward to Lesson Three. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!

Fay Schwartz

Wonderful food! Excellent demo. The tasters were a good idea. Clear and precise instructions.

Linda Moore

Very well organized – fun – a good selection of recipes. Thank you. Small number in class a bonus

Diane Douglas

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, amazing food, explicit instructions, and truly outstanding hospitality. I felt like an old friend and look forward to the next class(es).

Dave Sawchuk

Kallayanee made understanding the ingredients, the process and the techniques of creating delicious Thai food easy to understand. Her casual and knowledgeable demeanor make her the perfect instructor in the kitchen!

Gerry Smith

You’re an Awesome teacher — plus amazing chef!! Thanks for sharing your recipes with me. The atmosphere was open & friendly, creative & aromatic; setting was perfect & students very interested (including me) in learning the art of Thai cooking — an interesting group of people who shared a little of their life experiences over the dining table, in between savouring the cuisine we all felt we helped prepare.

Lindsay Fowler

My boyfriend and I celebrated his birthday with a Thai cooking lesson at Kallayanee’s Kitchen. The experience from start to finish was absolutely amazing. Kallayanee is very knowledgeable, teaching us all about traditional Thai meals. The food was spectacular! We got to enjoy everything that we made in a nice casual setting. From Kallayanee’s expertise, to the food, to the wonderful setting, the experience all around was impeccable. We are very much looking forward to taking another lesson and I would highly recommend Kallayanee’s Kitchen to anyone and everyone who enjoys delicious Thai food!

Linda Finlayson

I had the privilege of attending a Thai cooking class with Kallayanee recently. All I can say is, WOW!!! Food was incredible and something I could easily replicate in my kitchen.

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