Royal Crimson Feast

Authentic Thai Standard Cooking Lesson 11

Thai Salad Rolls

Thai salad rolls are a delicious, healthy appetizer that are easy to make and prepare ahead of time. The key to these rolls is the correct preparation of rice paper, which we shall demonstrate.

Hot and Sour Smooth Tiger Prawn Soup

The flavours of lemons and limes gently liven a soup with an evaporated milk base combined with a Thai mixture of spices and herbs.

Royal Crimson Chicken

Tender chicken is battered in a mixture of tapioca, eggs and chillies and deep fried to a golden brown before being smothered in a delicious sauce.

Red Yellow Curry

This curry comes from the south of Thailand. We call it “Red Yellow Curry” because we try to make it with Red Snapper, a wonderful local fish.

Mixed Vegetables with Chilli Sauce

Green pepper, red peppers, onions, green beans and garlic make a delicious combination.

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