Spicy Southern Delicacies

Thai Standard Cooking Lesson Eight

Enjoy the best Thai food you can learn to make at Kallayanee’s Kitchen on McTavish Road in North Saanich.

Beef Salad with Grapes

Combined with lemongrass, lime leaves, mint, and chillies, this is a delicious combination of flavours.

Thai Won Ton

Tasty snacking is guaranteed with this spicy combination of pork and a ginger dipping sauce.

Thai Traditional Rice Soup

Oyster mushrooms and cilantro are the secret ingredients in this delicious Thai comfort food.

Chicken Massaman

Chicken thighs simmered in coconut milk and special Massaman curry make this dish irresistible.

Eggplant Salad

Red onions, lemon juice and pork beautifully complement the eggplants in this delightful dish.

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