Khon Kaen Veggie Favourites

Thai Vegetarian Cooking Lesson Four

Khon Kaen Noodle Soup

Daikon radish, chillies and lime juice highlight the flavours in this tasty soup, named after one of Thailand’s northern cities.

Eight Spices Puffed Tofu

Juniper and Star Aniseed are just two of many surprises in this lively mixture of herbs and spices.

Tangy Tofu Ginger Snaps

It’s the red chillies that make the ginger snap in this toothsome, textured tofu dish.

Spicy Tofu Omelette

Three fresh eggs and gently puffed tofu are the secret to this delicious egg dish.

Thai Mixed Vegetable Wrap

A tantalizing mixture of sliced taro and shiatsu mushrooms in a flavourable bean curd wrap, gently deep fried.

Pumpkin Custard Dessert

Pumpkin pulp is mixed with eggs, palm sugar, and coconut milk, topped with vanilla ice cream.

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