Anyone can learn how to make delicious Thai food!

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We host cooking classes in North Saanich, only minutes from nearby Sidney and Victoria

Join Kallayanee, a native of Thailand, as she guides you through a choice of several lessons featuring some of Thailand’s most popular dishes at her North Saanich home, near Sidney, and only minutes from Victoria.

You’ll learn the Thai way through hands-on experience and careful, step-by-step instruction. And no class is a prerequisite for any other class, so you can take classes in whatever order you like. Each class lasts about three hours. First, you learn how to prepare and cook the food — then you get to eat it with other enthusiastic classmates!

Each cooking class is a feast to be enjoyed by all students

For each class, you’ll learn how to prepare and cook a feast of authentic Thai dishes, including noodles, curry dishes, spring rolls, seafood soups, spicy salads and much, much more. Afterwards, you get to eat and enjoy the delicious food prepared during class. You will also receive printed recipes and a list of ingredients required — both staples and special ingredients — available at many local grocery stores and Victoria’s Chinatown.

No cooking class is a prerequisite for any other

No class is a prerequisite for any other, so you can take as many, or as few, classes as you wish.

Regular cooking classes start when the pandemic ends

Sponsored by the North Saanich Panorama Recreation Centre, Kallayanee’s Kitchen has become more and more popular ever since the classes first opened nearly five years ago. Sadly, this year we have already lost our Spring season and we will now lose our Fall season as well.

Thai standard cooking classes

You’ll learn the Thai way how to cook delicious chicken, fish and meat dishes by hands-on experience and careful, step-by-step instruction. Anyone, no matter what their cooking experience, can learn to cook delicious Thai meals. And no class is a prerequisite for any other class, so students can pick and choose their favourite menus and schedule classes they want to take accordingly.

Thai vegetarian cooking classes

Three new Thai vegetarian cooking classes are on offer — and more are to come. Learn more about this delicious vegetarian alternative.

Thai dessert cooking class

Unusual taste treats from Thailand, light on the palette and on the waistline. Click here to view the desserts that you’ll be able to make after attending this class!

To book cooking classes for the Fall season

You can register for classes with the Panorama Recreation Centre in person at the centre, by phone at 250-656-7271, or online by clicking here. You can also register directly with Kallayanee by phoning 250-656-1227 or sending her an email.

Private Thai cooking classes

We’ve now hosted several private cooking classes for folks from the same office, good friends and even Bridal Stagettes for happy brides-to-be. Whatever brings your group together, we’d love to create a very special cooking and experience for you! Just contact us by phone at 250-656-1227.

Thai Curry cooking classes

These two special curry classes are only offered through Kallayanee’s Kitchen. Contact us by email or phone — 250-656-1227 — to book your place.

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