Hot & Sour

Authentic Thai Curry Cooking Class Two

Garlic Pork

A dish to test spicy and hot fanatics. If you can’t handle the spice, try the garlic chicken below.

Garlic Chicken

A delicious dish that uses many of the same spices as the Garlic Pork but is much less spicy.

Massaman Curry Paste

This curry paste is from the south of Thailand. But watch out! They like it hot in the south.

Hot& Sour Tom Yum Paste

An essential ingredient for Tom Yum Prawn soup, it adds a spicy lift to the flavour.

Tom Yum Chilli Paste

Also essential for Tom Yum Prawn soup. Add more or less to control the spicy heat of the dish.

Green Curry Paste

Tends to be more spicy than other Thai curries. Key ingredient is green bird-eye chilli.

Deep Fried Banana and Ice Cream

A traditional Thai favourite, enthusiastically adopted by foreign visitors.

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