21 Delicious Thai Cooking Class Menus

Kallayanee’s Kitchen offers 21 classes, with each class offering an average of five menu selections.

Our Public Classes are for Everyone

We look forward to hosting public classes again, hopefully in April 2021. Like everyone else, though, we can only keep our fingers crossed!

Private Classes offer More Choice and more Flexibility

Friends, families, organizations and businesses have all enjoyed private classes with Kallayanee’s Kitchen. If you’re organizing a private class, you can choose from among all of our menus, including our Standard Classes and our Curry Classes. In addition to those, you can select one of our five Vegetarian Classes or our Dessert Class. Finally, if you want to experience the very best Kallayanee’s Kitchen has to offer, you must experience one of our three Premium Classes, available only for our Private Class students.

Fresh Ingredients
Tasty Meals

Kallayanee breaking soil for a new garden in her backyard.

We take pride in the food that we offer and, when possible, we use only the freshest of local foods. We also grow many of the herbs, vegetables and spices that we use in Kallayanee’s Kitchen.

$60 plus GST

Our standard classes feature all of the Thai favourites that everyone loves, from Thai Spring Rolls, to Red Curry, Sweet and Sour Thai Pork Ribs, Phad Thai Noodles,  Coconut Beef, and more, much, much more!

Available for both public and private class students.


$60 plus GST

Thai vegetarian dishes are wonderfully various and some come with deliciously novel names to match. You will be sure to enjoy “Money Bags,” spicy hot tofu appetizers and “Golden Nuggets in Grandma’s Hair,” pineapple chunks in crispy rice noodles.

Available only for our private students.

$60 plus GST

If you like hot and spicy food, you’ll love the authentic curry dishes you’ll learn at Kallayanee’s Kitchen two classes: “Smoke & Fire,” and “Hot & Sour.” Both feature home-made sauces and curry pastes made with natural ingredients, not packaged commercial products.
Available for both public and private students.

$60 plus GST

If you love desserts you won’t want to miss Kallayanee’s famous dessert class. You’ll learn how to make Pumpkin Custard, Mango & Black Rice, Pandan Sweet Rice Cake, Red Rubies and her most popular dessert, Deep Fried Bananas and Ice Cream.

Available only for our private students.

$65 plus GST

These classes feature duck, barbecued lamb, and crab curry as their main attractions. Thai Corn Fritters, Tiger Prawn Money Bags, and Grapefruit Salad accompany the top dishes. The price for these classes is slightly higher because of the extra cost for the high-quality ingredients.

Available only for our private students.

Public Classes

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Private Classes

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