Thai Cooking Classes in North Saanich

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The Spirit of Thailand is Part of the Classes

A Taste of Thailand in North Saanich

Don’t let those Northern Winter Blues get you down! Pump up your energy with a visit to Kallayanee’s Kitchen where you’ll find great Thai food and meet some great new friends!

Dreaming of a Thai Cooking Class in Canada

And she made it happen

And the Flavours are AWESOME

Below is a sampling of some of our most popular dishes

Thai classic favourites

Spring Rolls Our Most Challenging Hands-On

They are the most popular item in our most popular class and both have been popular since forever. It’s not just that Spring Rolls are delicious and crunchy to eat — it’s the fun everyone has making these treats all by themselves! And the challenge in getting them just right.


Garlic Ribs

A delicious combination of pork, garlic and peppercorns, flavoured with dark soy sauce and oyster sauce, topped off by crispy garlic.

Royal Crimson Feast

Royal Crimson Chicken

This is one of the more recent dishes that we have introduced and it is the signature dish for this new class. Tender chicken is battered in a mixture of tapioca, eggs and chillies and deep fried to a golden brown before being smothered in a delicious sauce. It is fast becoming one of our student favourites!

Samui Island Festival

Coconut Beef Curry

Tender chunks of sirloin beef slow cooked in coconut milk and Thai curry. This is a very easy-to-prepare beef curry. The blend of coconut milk and curry spices makes it a party favourite, especially late at night when guests need quick energy.


Three-flavour Sweet & Sour Tofu

This dish is fast becoming one of our most popular vegetarian treats. No wonder! It’s a tangy contrast of sweet and sour flavours pumping up the tastes of pineapple, red peppers, yellow peppers and tofu.


Crispy Rice Noodles

This class includes many of the dishes that Thai people love, like Crispy Rice Noodles, Sticky Rice, BBQ Chicken, and Papaya Salad. You’ll find these dishes all over Thailand, with many of them for sale along Thailand’s highways and byways.

What Our Students had to Say About Us

We are honoured that so many people enjoy our classes and the wonderful food

Thai Classic Favourites

Fantastic! Not only did we get to eat a delicious meal, but we got “hands-on” experience. So we can do it at home — hopefully. Thank you so much. What a great day.

Judy Reano

Natural Thai Curry Made from Scratch Class

Thank you for adapting recipes to be vegetarian for me! LOVE the marinated tofu! I really enjoy sharing in the cooking with everyone, then sitting and dining and TALKING with everyone. What interesting conversations and people! I always look forward to these classes.

Amy Fischer

Oriental Beef Salad and Southern Chicken Curry

Such an amazingly fun and tasty evening! I can’t wait to make some of these recipes at home. Thank you again.

Anna Coleshaw-Elcols

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